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“We will show you step by step how you can build wealth and generate
extra income using your home as a starting point.” – Humberto Gomez

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Your Home Can Be The Foundation To Your Wealth

Following simple steps, you can turn your home into a wealth-building machine.

Even though the financial situation can vary significantly from one individual to the next, real estate can be a very reliable vehicle to help you reach your economic goals, and you can start building wealth by using your own home.

In our book, Living in a Diamond Mine, you will find the blueprint to build wealth by using your home as the starting vehicle. There are multiple ways to profit from your home, whether you are looking for cash flow, to increase your net worth, or simply maximize your profits when selling.

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If you are thinking about investing in real estate, let us help you:

As a buyer, our services are offered absolutely FREE!

That’s correct, when purchasing an investment property, we do all that work for you and you don’t have to pay us anything, we get paid by the seller, and if you change your mind and you decide not to buy, you still don’t pay anything.

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Finding your ideal investment property within 14 days guarantee.

We will find you at least one investment property that meets all your needs within 14 days of starting the search, or we will give you a $100 CDN gift certificate. This guarantee doesn’t apply if your expectations in terms of a property are unrealistic. And don’t worry, us finding the investment property for you doesn’t mean that you
have to rush into buying.

Level of service guarantee.

If you are not happy with our level of service, you can terminate our working relationship at any point in time, and you get to keep our complimentary book, and checklists, $130 CDN.

New investment property total satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not happy with your new investment property we’ll sell it for free. If within a year of the sale, you decide that you don’t want the property anymore, we’ll sell it for you for FREE, you will only have to pay the commission of the buyers’ agent.

FAQs ...

Below is a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” from our property investment clients.

Yes you can if…

  1. You have access to financing, directly or through other people.
  2. You have access to the proper knowledge and guidance to do it.

We assist our clients in both of these areas.

There are a few factors that have to be evaluated when evaluating an investment.

  1. Financial projections and viability.
  2. Risk assessment.
  3. Market trends.

We help our clients with all of this.

There are few risks associated with investing in real estate, however they can:

  • Having bad tenants.
  • Interest rates go up too much.
  • Unforeseen maintenance expenses.
  • Liabilities issues.

All of these risks can be mitigated substantially if everything is done properly, we’ll tell you how.

If by any reason, you ended up with a bad tenants, there are remedies to solve the problem.

It depends on your specific circumstances and what it is that you are looking for. For
example, if you already own a home, you might be able to have enough equity in the
house to avoid needing money from your own pocket.

There are other scenarios where you may need 5% to 20% of the purchase price as a
down payment, it depends.

We consult with our clients to determine where they are in terms of finances, and
based on that we can set up a plan.

We will help you analyze the different factors that you need to take into account when comparing investment options. You will need to take into account the following:

  • A financial analysis.
  • A market analysis.
  • A risk analysis.

Get in touch with us to set up a FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss the
options available to your circumstances.

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